The End Cometh

The End Cometh

Writing and recording for The End Cometh started over 5 years ago, about a year after Andy had departed. Mike started writing songs and programming drum beats on his laptop to share ideas with the band, however, without a dedicated drummer, the process was slow.

“The songs really didn't take shape until Jon entered the picture and we could really hash out the dynamics. Song structures began to form once Patrick started adding lyrics. Patricks lyrics really help shape the vibe of this record. An urgency.”- Wes

Jon, Wes and Patrick discussing a song at practice

The End Was A Long Time Coming

With young, baby Yoda Hawkins onboard, the band returned to the Jam Room in 2017 to start the principle recording with Steve Slavich at the helm. Steve engineered and produced the band’s debut album, “First Breath of Water”, and the band was ready to return to the foundation that started it all.

"It was great working with Steve Slavich again. Steve helped keep everything organic and in the moment by making us move fast and get it done in one take without endless punch-ins and digital fanciness." - Mike

“The End Cometh to me meant finishing what we started. This album feels like a punctuation.” - Wes

chalkboard with working titles for new ablum

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Album Credits

  • Recorded at The Jam Room Studios in Columbia, SC
  • Pre-Production at Pellerin Farm Tracks
  • Produced and Engineered by Steve Slavich
  • Album Art by Matt Burchstead

The Band

  • Patrick Baxley: Vocals and Lyrics
  • Wes Pellerin: Bass and Guitars
  • Jon Hawkins: Drums and Percussion
  • Mike Schaming: Guitars

The Players

  • Christi Stewart:Gong
  • Judy Doudoukjian: Organ
  • Jennifer Wolff: Soprano

Our Eternal Thanks

  • Amy Schaming
  • Sarah Pellerin
  • Jennifer Baxley
  • Andy Dumiak
  • Josh Brannon
  • Steve Slavich
  • Jay Matheson
  • Larry Gornto
  • Matt Chapman
  • Bill Elliott
  • Aly Douglas
  • Stephen Russ
  • Collin Derrick
  • Todd Mathis